Technical Bio - Andy Fyon

I was trained as a Geological Engineer (Queen's University). I went on to obtain a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in geology with an emphasis on stable isotope geochemistry at McMaster University, where I studied under Dr. James Crocket and Dr. Henry Schwartz. Under Dr. Crocket, I worked with the research nuclear reactor located at McMaster University - a very interesting place to work. With Dr. Schwartz, I worked in his world renowned stable isotope laboratory, where I absentmindedly blew up a fume hood and survived - stories for another day.

Andy Fyon standing above the tree line in the alpine on Ptarmigan Cirque, Alberta.

Andy Fyon standing above the tree line in the alpine on Ptarmigan Cirque, Alberta.

I joined the Ontario Geological Survey (OGS) in 1986 as a Geoscientist with a focus on Mineral Deposit geology and I retired on December 31, 2015, as the OGS Director. The OGS is Ontario's Government organization mandated to document and publish about the geology of all of Ontario, including the Earth resources, such as groundwater, energy, and minerals.

As OGS Director, I focused on: a) communicating the the application of geology to address questions related to public health and safety, environmental baseline, Ontario's past climate change, implications for climate change impact on the physical land, geological habitat and biodiversity, engineering related to geological characteristics of Ontario, and land-use planning that accommodates the geological information; and b) establishing meaningful relationships with, and learning from, Ontario's Anishinaabeg people (Aboriginal people), primarily across Ontario's Far North, to raise mutual understanding and to mutually discover the value and application of geological information to help address the challenges that face us all.

My hobbies and interests include photography of people, geology, and wildflowers in their native habitats.

My wildflower website ( illustrates many flowering plants that grow in northern parts of Ontario and Canada. This site is due for an overhaul and that is work in progress.

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